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Regular Servicing

So your brand new motorcycle needs to be maintained at the dealership to ensure your warranty obligations are fulfilled eh? Did you know that this is one of the most common misconceptions motorcycle consumers have.

The only obligation you have is to ensure your bike is maintained according to the manufacturer’s requirements. If you are unfortunate enough to have a problem with your bike during the warranty period, you only need to show that the regular maintenance schedule has been adhered to. Make a call or send an email to the distributor and find out for yourself! 


  When you book your bike in for a service do you want to speak to the person who books you in and collects the payment, then sends your pride and joy out the back for the young bloke to drop the oil and pump the tyres up? Or do you want to talk to the mechanic with 25 years experience who makes sure that you get the best service around for a lot less than the shop with the neon lights will charge you. 


At C&M we guarantee your bike will be maintained to the highest standard. We will also ensure that any problems of a warrantable nature are brought to your attention so the manufacturer’s agent can repair them. 


Two or three wheels we do them all.

From the humblest commuter bike, to the fastest sports bike, to the coolest cruiser, C&M Motorcycles can offer you the best maintenance regime for your bike, regardless of it’s age or warranty status





"South West Sydney's Dyno, Power Commander and Tuning Link Centre"