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 We Have The Key To Ride-ability

 C&M Motorcycles has the latest in Dynojet hardware and software, which includes Tuning Link.

The key to ride ability is Tuning Link. This programe is designed by Dynojet to quickly and accurately dial in your bikes air/fuel ratio. This process gives your bike the optimum fuel economy, torque or horsepower for any given application.

We at C&M take pride in custom-mapping every bike we fit with Power Commander units, providing maps not only for 100% throttle, but from 0% to 100% throttle, which provides a highly tuned and ride-able bike. 



The Dynojet dyno is used also for diagnostic work, to trouble-shoot many problems that are very difficult to find while test riding. All tests (up to and over 300 k/hr) can be carried out in the safety of our sound-proof ventilated dyno-room.

Here at C&M we can offer a break in service for all new bike owners. The proper break-in and heat cycling will ensure a reliable and well performing engine.

      Choose C&M Motorcycles for your Power Commander and Dyno tuning needs.





"South West Sydney's Dyno, Power Commander and Tuning Link Centre"