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Hints & Tips

Power Commanders:

Most riders think that getting more power out of there bike only requires slipping on a muffler, fitting a K&N air filter, bolting on a power commander and that’s it. Well how wrong they are!

  To get it right, don’t forget to take it to your local “Tuning Link” equipped centre for re-mapping. Otherwise, you will find out like many others who just download a map from the internet, it’s like trying to hit a target with your eyes closed. The power commander allows you to tune “your bike” to what it needs here in Aussie, not  some other set-up from halfway around the world.

Cams and Cam Timing:

  When installing your new cam shaft it always pays to read the instruction guide that comes in the box. It’s not just there for padding. Many cams these day’s have extraordinarily high lifts, so it pays to check valve to piston clearance as bent valves are not a good thing to find first time you try and start your engine. Always use a good assembly lube when fitting cams, as the load generated on top-end running gear is extreme. The lack of a good type of lubricant will mean certain damage. Also, valve clearance plays a very important roll in the running of your engine. It not only gives the correct gap between the cam and the valve allowing your valves to close completely, it also plays a big part in your engines valve timing.





"South West Sydney's Dyno, Power Commander and Tuning Link Centre"